Dr. Debora B. Schwartz--Teaching Page
ENGL 203: Core I: Medieval
ENGL 204: Core II, Renaissance
ENGL 230: British Literature, Medieval to 18th Century
ENGL 252: Great Books II, Medieval - 17th Century
ENGL 330: Medieval British Literature
ENGL 331: Renaissance British Literature
ENGL 339: Introduction to Shakespeare
Engl 380: Modern Arthurian Literature
ENGL 380b: Love and Death: The Tristan Tradition
ENGL 430: Chaucer
ENGL 439: Gender in Medieval Literature
ENGL 439b: Love in Medieval Literature
ENGL 459: Love and Death: The Tristan Tradition
ENGL 459b: Modern Arthurian Literature
ENGL 459c: Medieval Arthurian Literature
ENGL 460: Senior Project (General Literature)
ENGL 501: Techniques of Literary Research
ENGL 512: Medieval
ENGL 513: Courtly Love Tradition


"What is it then that the classroom can become? A privileged space.... But teachers and students alike... need to learn how to make better use of this space. Discussion has to be real discussion. Lecture has its place, certainly, but a lecture session has to be, not the Land of the Living Dead, not some bored and boring spiel that's being given for the umpteenth time to a roomful of comatose students, but, instead, a mode of teaching that's fully present, class centered, open to the moment, energizing, and alive...." 

---Jerry Farber, "The Student and the Screen," 1997

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