{richard g. graziano

Rich Welcome to my website. I am an analytic philosopher who teaches undergraduate courses in philosophy here at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. In addition to my teaching duties, I conduct research on a variety of philosophical topics that ultimately concern the foundations of science and the nature of human knowledge.

The primary purpose of my site is to be a means of providing information regarding courses that I am teaching, suggestions for engaging in philosophical study (be it writing philosophical essays, taking essay exams, how to read philosophy), etc. In addition to course-related information, I will make available (as appropriate) various papers that I have written or am working on. In offering my thoughts and ruminations, I hope to make contributions to the philosophical discipline at large as we seek to answer questions, and progress in our understanding of the nature of the world and our relationship to that world. If there is anything that you are looking for, yet don't find, drop me a line.




If one must philosophize, then one must philosophize; and if one must not philosophize, then one must philosophize; in any case, therefore, one must philosophize. For if one must, then given that Philosophy exists, we are in every way obliged to philosophize. And if one must not, in this case too we are obliged to inquire how it is possible for there to be no philosophy; and in inquiring we philosophize, for inquiry is the cause of Philosophy. — Aristotle